Friday, April 6, 2007

Girls' Day

We had a blast! We rolled out of the house at about 10 am and had breakfast at IHOP---it was horrible and I'll never go back again. We proceeded then to the new library. None of us were prepared for what we found there.

It is AMAZING. At three times the size of the one it replaces, the building is 44,000 square feet of modern architecture and technology features. Really, it looks more like a Barnes and Noble than any library I've ever seen. There is lots of small-grouping seating in addition to traditional library tables. Lots of natural light by virtue of sky lights and glass walls. And they added about 60,000 new volumes to the old collection (which really was quite bad...) including lots of the most current knitting books so I was pretty much in heaven.

Best of all, the children's section is on a level of its own. It occuppies a full third of the library space and there are lots of child-sized tables, chairs and overstuffed furniture for comfort while perusing selections. This is where I got really excited. I could have stayed hours. We had made an agreement that the girls would only be allowed to check out one book each since it becomes quite a challenge to manage their borrowed books from school and public libraries and at the end of last summer, we owed the library 80 bucks for "lost" books. So, I was the one who couldn't follow through: we ended up checking out 17 books all together.

Anna is reading SO well, I can hardly get over it. She's reading The Little House on the Prairie series---she's in first grade!!! I can't get over it. Of course Haley is also reading way above grade level---she's the classic first daughter in so many ways.

We watched all four new movies. Happy Feet is adorable; those little pudgy penguins were just too cute with their rapping and tap dancing. We all loved Gremlins. We all mostly snoozed through Harry Potter so we'll try again another day.

I have a few more goodies for the new TV: The Jerk, Young Frankenstein and Mom and Dad Save the World --- all big favorites of mine. I can't wait. I think Haley is going to LOVE The Jerk.

Happy Easter
We're all very excited about the weekend approaching. The Easter Bunny has a few tricks up his sleeve and it should be a great day. cBFF A. is joining us for dinner and we'll watch Cars since she hasn't seen that yet. She'll love 'Mater, I bet. Dave and T. had other plans so we'll miss them. Last year, Dave accused my MIL of farting at the dinner table...

By the way---Dave has interviews for two really desirable positions in Vancouver scheduled for later this month. There's little doubt now that they'll be moving there this summer. He has already resigned his current job to allow him enough time to prepare his house for listing. I guess that will give us some more time to hang out together before he moves to the other side of the continent...

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