Thursday, May 17, 2007

As promised...

Anna---taking what was apparently a much needed break from the soccer match:

The Maniacs (the girls' side) won 5 - 0. Ask me how many times I've watched "Bend it Like Beckham". Or more importantly, what I think of Johnathan Rhys Meyers---have any of you caught "The Tudors" on Showtime? Yeesh. That King Henry was one insatiable dude.

Tonight was Haley's turn for a little pre-bedtime one-on-one with Mommy. We had hot tea and played solitaire. The conversation started with "what, exactly, does a garbage disposal do?" I liked that---curiosity about the world around her. Moments later it was, "Man, I'm so excited for school tomorrow. There's recess which I love and also, Mac and Cheese for lunch, which they haven't served in months." Two, perhaps five seconds later, I got this, "where do people have sex?" For context, Haley is still 8. I confirmed her suspicion about it mostly being a bed-oriented kind of activity but there were exceptions. Deep breath, red five on the black six; "How do you know where to put the penis?" "How does someone know you want to have sex with them?" Upon a moment's reflection she said, "well, I guess because you only do it when you're married so you pretty much know..." ummmmmm. Well, that's not exactly the message I want her to take away. That was probably the toughest question I've had from them in the last year. I think I did OK. I just asked her who she was wanting to have sex with and sent her off to bed. Like last time, I'm glad she asked me but does it have to be happening this soon????

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