Friday, May 18, 2007

Good TV

I'm not much of a TV watcher but I can be sucked into something from time to time... these days Rob and I typically watch about 3 shows (or recordings thereof) together per week: The Sopranos, Entourage and The Office. I've been in a huge Documentary groove lately and really dig all the nature showy-cinematography kinds of HD shows on Discovery.

Last night I watched about my fourth installment of Independent Lens. It runs on PBS weekly and I've been really impressed with the subject matter and quality of presentation in the films. If you haven't caught it yet and you dig a documentary (oh, I do, I do!) check it out. This is the series in which Billy Strayhorn Story: Lush Life was aired to a very large audience earlier this year. Admittedly there's a strong liberal sensibility (oh, I hear you gasp in great surprise!) in much of the content but since I'm a liberal, it resonates as truth for me. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say. And just a quick holla for --the website is fab: visually appealing, easy to navigate; once you identify a series and/or segment you're interested in, you can search to find out when it will next play on your local affiliate. A lot of content for streaming as well.

I'd also recommend "This American Life" (Showtime) which recently made the leap to television after many successful years as a radio show originating on Chicago Public Radio. Host Ira Glass is a quirky guy, funny to watch as it happens, giving the three-segment show a strong identity. If you've seen/heard it, you know the structure is a weekly theme discussed in three segments of broad experience of that particular topic. I still listen to the podcast religiously but the series on Showtime has become a favorite escape, too. So start recording it now for when the weather gets too hot to be moving around much.

Minor Triumphs to report

Yesterday I made an unplanned sidetrip into DSW--I don't really need new shoes, especially not heels, but I do have a little trip coming up that a cute pair of kicks could be just the item... I found one pair I adored:

*Love* them. But being uncertain of which skirt, blouse, pants, dress, thing I might wear I thought it might not be best to splurge. Oh, but aren't they cute? And so pretty on the foot---the straps come across the top of foot quite low, just at base of toes, really. Oy. I hope I end up with something to weat that would work...and I can still buy them.

Well, I guess that's just one triumph, but it feels like more.

Signs of the time

What can I say: first I found myself humming along with two songs at Lowe's yesterday (a James Taylor tune and something I forget) and the, at the GROCERY STORE of all places--guess what they were playing? "Word Up", Cameo. No, not a smooth-jazzy, elevator version, the real deal. If I go back next week and they're playing The Gap Band I'll know I'm officially old. This is what I want to know: am I really supposed to wander the produce aisles and NOT sing along??? Surely not.


Special K said...

CUTE shoes! I have a pair sort of similar - they look good with everything - even jeans.

I don't have showtime, but I saw the first This American Life (video) online - don't know if it's still up but was very beautiful (the one with the bull).

Kathy said...

But a little weird, don't you think? I mean, that second bull is about to kill the guy...

Thanks for validating my shoe lust...