Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day, 2007

Well, here's a special day. Today I'm thinking not only of my distinguished mother but also of older mommies and brand new ones: Carrie, Melissa, as well as good friends with second babies and Mommies celebrating their second Mother's Day because they must certainly be able to enjoy more of it... Happy Mother's Day. From where I sit, there's no better thing particular to being a woman than being a mother.

My day here is set to go quite well: Rob took his Mom to Mass this morning (though he didn't attend with her; its not THAT big of an occassion!), the girls brought me breakfast in bed (powdered sugar donuts, coffee and orange juice) and when Rob returned they presented a pile of heartfelt gifties which delighted me. Three little hanging plaques with clips to display each girls' works of art...just lovely. And two beautiful new artsy vases. I don't think Rob really understands the obligations of giving a gift of a flower vase because they were empty... but downstairs later, I discovered a basket full of posies so perhaps I'll do some pirating later and fill the new vases.

Now I have some quiet time---Rob and the girls have taken his Mom out for brunch and that will certainly take entirely too long being Mother's Day. For my enjoyment I have: a quiet, fairly neat house; the new issue of Downbeat Magazine as well as the Washington Post Sunday magazine with a cover story of Billy Taylor's work to preserve and perpetuate jazz in the US. Nice. I have a new book of sudoku puzzles and my iPod. Knitting. There's no reason this shouldn't be a lovely interlude. I will also call my mom and dad who appear to have returned to the States before I'd expected them as well as my sister Tracy. As soon as my phone has a very solid charge!

Mother's Day Eve
Our family typically observes Mother's Day eve---one day not being entirely adequate to honor ... me? Yesterday was not typical however. As usual there was a soccer match and both Haley and Anna are playing with out-and-out ferocity. Its pretty standard for the two of them to play defense for most of the game. I tell you, not much gets by them. Haley even challenged this huge hulk of a 7 year old yesterday and completely ran her down, I think there may have even been an inadvertent kick to the shins. Its just such a change from the polite "no-really-if-you-want-the-ball-you-can-have-it" soccer player she's been in previous years. Haley and Anna each played a quarter (kiddies play 4 15-minute quarters) on offense and Haley had an amazing shot on goal, damn near made it. Best moment of the game: Anna took a little break at beginning of fourth quarter and when I spotted her on the sidelines, she was lying down, pulling grass and sipping on her gator-ade. She's such a nut. Tito took a picture and I hope he'll send it soon!
Pilar and Tito had come to observe and spend the day with us so it ended up being a pretty busy day of hosting, cleaning, etc. Rob's Mom has been having some rather serious health issues and is not just now really leaving the house on her own and is certainly not driving. So since I didn't want either Rob or myself to go grocery shopping for either of our households today, off we went at about 9 last night. I'm very worried about the abrupt change in Mary's cognitive status and reduction in strength. On Friday she called and asked me to pick her up; she'd walked about 3/4 of a block from our house and become winded, dizzy, confused. So...its off to the doctor next week to figure out what the heck is going on.
As predicted, the Krista sweater is very nearly complete:

I have one sleeve left to knit before assembly; I'm nearly out of yarn so its going to be a tense session. You might also note that there's a slight color difference beginning just below the neck detail on the front. That's really aggravating since I bough both skeins of yarn same shop, same time, same lot. Nothing to be done but hope it evens out in the wash. It really is going to be a lovely sweater.

I'm not sure what I'll move on to next; I have plenty of options awaiting me. Of course there's the Charlotte's Web shawl and the second sock... there are dolls, other sweaters. Additionally, I won this incredible stash of yarn on eBay the other day: Rowan All Season Cotton that usually sells for about 8 - 8.50 per 50 g ball. I won a mill-pack of 10 balls for $27.00!

I'm thinking it will end up being a summer cardigan for someone. Me. It has lovely, lovely hand feel, its 60% cotton, 40% acrylic so it will hold its shape really well.

Finally, I just can't take it anymore. So even though I haven't yet driven over to meet Sadie Susseles, I will present here the first glimpse of her blankie:

This is made on the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation Big, Bad Baby Blanket pattern that was used for Milo's blankie. Milo's was made using Laines du Nord Baby Cover---a lovely, soft merino wool (sport weight) that tolerates gentle machine washing (!) in blue/white. Sadie's was made according to the pattern, holding two strands of Koigu KPPPM (fingering weight merino, knit on size 9). Its amazing the color effect---Koigu is known for its beautiful handpainted variegations but using two strands of the same colorway allows even more color variation. Not to mention how flipping soft Koigu is once laundered. This is the same fiber from which I've made some socks (will probably use for all my socks once I uses up the stash of other fibers I have) and also the Ballet Cashmere sweater. Man is it also tolerates gentle machine washing and drying.

OK. Now its off to do Mother's Day chillin'. Have a great day!

Two days (addendum)

I didn't say but I should--Monday and Tuesday I have essentially full days of work at the Administrative Headquarters building of the Department I used to be employed by. Real work, real clothes, real pay, real hours. I've been in deep mourning over the time away from Lindsay, the house and dogs. Not to mention the whole get-up-fix-your-hair-make-up-your-face routine in time for an 8:30 arrival. I've grown accustomed to a life that moves much more slowly.

Training. That's what it is. The second of three very large IT projects I led for our team is ready for deployment. They've asked me to continue with this project in my consulting relationship so I have to go participate in the training, make a couple of presentations.

I just really really like my new life. A couple of hours here and there of looking at some data, telling people what I think of it, that's what I like. Two whole days in work clothes? EEK.

John Mayer -- No Such Thing (Room for Squares)

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Melissa said...

WOW!!! What a beautiful blanket!!! I am sure Sadie will love it, I know I do!! I can't wait for you to meet her!!! I am glad you had a great mothers day. I really enjoyed my first and am loving every day with the precious little girl. I updated the blog with her arrival(running a little late...) and will add more pictures soon! love you!!!