Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everyday I Have the Blues...

OK, I just have to know: have you guys forgotten that I have another blog? That its actually much more interesting than this one? Its true! I know some people check it out because I'm clairvoyant and all, but aside from my team members (the esteemed Lyman Medeiros and Drew Thompson...) there's a surprising dirth of commenting.

Today would actually be a great time to check it out because Drew has posted a little discussion on John Lee Hooker and put up a handful of tracks. My own foray into "The Blues" was a pretty important factor in my musical exploration so its nice to learn about someone else's fondness for them (it?). I'm really happy he chose John Lee Hooker because as much as I've listened to Blues artists, he's not among the guys I'm really familiar with.

I'm wondering if the fact that the blog takes a while to load because of all the embedded files is a factor. I've been considering moving the blog to my own domain to mitigate that problem. Let me know, eh?

Finally, I'm really interested in presenting a broad perspective on music that people like (or don't). I've invited several other team members but if you're not one of them and would like to join in, please just let me know! Go show Drew (and our blog) some love.

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Drew said...

We could just create links to the tracks instead of actually embedding them within the posts. It's probably not too many extra steps for someone who wants to listen to them and it should load much faster.

For example: Boom, Boom
should open in a new Windows Media Player window (or whatever you have as your default player). What do you think?