Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photos of Milo's Indianapolis Debut and Baptism

In the interest of providing access to these photos, as quickly as possible, I've done only a tiny bit of editing and uploaded them to Picasa. The images in the slideshow below are available there for viewing and purchase if you would like.

Lindsay and I are glad to be home and everyone is happy to be back together. More later.


Lyman said...

Love the pictures, I think we'll need a print of 'married with children'

Nana said...

Thank you for the great slide show. Lyman and Carrie have a wonderful family and group of friends. We were all so happy to share the days with them. I was glad to finally meet you. I enjoy your blog and your comments on Lyman, Drew and Jason's blogs. I also enjoy your banter with Don. If you make prints of "married with children", would you send a couple to Brownsburg and Noblesville. Good luck with the perimenopause. It has been over 15 years since I had to deal with it and luckily mine was short lived and somewhat easy. I was on hormone replacement therapy for a year and then recieved the great news that I had Breast Cancer. Needless to say I stopped the hormone replacement therapy. Thanks to a mammogram I am still here today. Keep those great posts coming. Karen

Kathy said...

Thanks,Karen. I'm going to order some prints and I'll make sure several of "married with children" end up in Drew's mailbox to share with you and Jason.

I'm not sure Don would describe our exchanges as banter but I do also take a light-hearted approach to it---I simply speak my mind and take no offense. There can't be any meeting in the middle without understanding both ends, can there?