Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There's no place like home....

Heading back to my own little family today, I'm struck by how much like home Indianapolis feels to me. Its been a great visit but I do long for my other daughters, my husband, my dogs, my pillows and my kitchen. And The Sopranos!

I have with me lovely lillies-of-the-valley that will be planted representing the fourth generation of our family to have this stock in our gardens. Ask me if I'm thrilled about that. (Yes). I have also old family photos, a few lovely sparkly things from an old jewelry box, some tchatchkes old and new. Addresses of long-missed cousins. New family photos.

See you kittens around the blogosphere when I can add more photos of the guest of honor for this week, the inestimable Milo Walker Medeiros.

By the way---the mystery band singing the very familiar song this weekend (Never Been Any Reason) is indeed Head East. Kudos to contender ME who came only so close as to know that others' guesses of Whitesnake (please), Styx (eh-hem), Bad Company were completely wrong.

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