Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cootie Brown: Digital

Thanks to Drew for trusting me with his audiotape of a Cootie Brown tape---I'd never heard any of CB until they put up a MySpace page recently and I was rather taken by them. I can see that Lyman and his band of brothers probably had a lot of fun in college; the music sounds good, especially Lyman's burbling bass.

I have just now produced the first digital copy from that audiotape; it has a few problems I'd like to adjust but for now I have a pretty good "rough" that I'm happy to share with anyone who'd like to have it on cd, as .mp3, whatever. If my web host weren't being such a pain, I'd put it up for easy FTP but nooooooo....

So just send me an email with your address if you'd like a copy, I'll drop a cd in the mail post-vacation. Drew, I'll get yours in the mail ASAP with the originals you so kindly shared.

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