Thursday, July 19, 2007

Photos Found/Stories Imagined

Some of you might have read the post where I directed attention to a fun blog called The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy; it is essentially a weekly (or so) post of a photograph with solicitations for submission of stories no longer than one minute, or simple reflections, possible captions. I've really enjoyed it and marvel at the creativity I find there. In digging through Indie's blogrolls, today I found another really intriguing blog. It is Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul (a sentiment with which I tend to agree). That author posts photographs "found" though I'm not clear yet who the finders are, etc... and then writes captions for them. The format is offputting initially as it appears to be a series of clickable links with no thumbnails, even, but upon the first click you can simply arrow through the collection. Of the two, I'll probably spend more time at Indeterminacy because sometimes I try my hand at putting stories together and after years of academic writing, its a real change to write creatively.

I've looked at about 10 photos and it put me in mind of two other blogs---the Postcard site run by my semi-cuckoo neighbor and another blog that is now nearly partnered with it called Found. I prefer Spackle's approach as it is entirely photographs and the captions are great. If you've got time to browse, check those two out, or better, wander around Indie's blogrolls for yourself. He's got great stuff.

Knitting Update
Krista is COMPLETE. She's in the wash now preparing to be blocked. I did wear it just briefly this a.m. to make sure I still loved her and I do. There's a small problem with shoulder width that I will attempt to remedy in blocking but if not, it will be but a small matter to take off the sleeves and grafts additional fabric there. But still, cross your fingers it doesn't come to that.

She looks great on. If I haven't said it before, White Lies Designs are *fabulous* for curvy girls, no matter where the curves...

Today is largely child-care free and I'm feeling chatty so there could be more posts. I'm still waiting for inspired LISTS of songs for my upcoming roadtrip. You wouldn't want me to curse you all the way from DC to Tampa, now would you?


DW2 said...

I confess....I found you through Indeterminancy and the your note on the "geek post." And I have also visited a couple of the links on your page. (Queer Joe's Aran project is cool!!!)
Although I didn't get to KnitNite this time, rumor has it that the group met an experienced male knitter! If he joins, that will make 2 men in our group! (J is still working on his project and making great progress from all reports.)

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks for mentioning my site here, and especially Mushroom's site. When I started out I researched which found photos sites were out there and quickly found Mushroom, and we quickly became blogging friends. I agree - his site is fantastic, and has amazing longevity too. He'll be around long after I've given up.

I used to post daily, then five a week, and I tried to post frequently in the last weeks, but I think it will be 1-3 posts a week from now on. I wish I could do more.