Thursday, July 5, 2007

Homemade Pleasures....

Well, there's just no doubt that I enjoy time in he kitchen much more now that I don't feel so pressured. Here are some of the delights coming out of my kitchen recently:

In celebration of Independence day, we enjoyed this berry shortcake yesterday. I found the recipe in a Martha Stewart magazine; the recipe calls for buttermilk and cream cheese in the shortcake to hold up to the acidic juices of the fruit. The bottom cake is layered with the fruit melange, whipped cream (mmmmm...) and another layer of fruit, the second cake and then some more fruit for garnish... beautiful and really really delicious.

Pineapple Upside Down cake is a huge deal for me and my Dad. Our birthdays are two days apart and somehow I was convinced at an early age that my favorite cake was the same as my father's which was remarkably convenient for my Mom, don't you think? No matter, I do really love it. I found this adorable pan for individual-serving PUD cakes.... not only did they look REALLY amazing but they tasted great, too. I think I'll take the pan with me to Florida this summer and make a pile of cakes for our grand birthday celebration.

The photos of Anna's birthday cake didn't come out well but it surely was delicious. And of course my own birthday cake, the butterscotch lemon curd number was amazing.

For other food, I discovered a quick, one skillet homemade macaroni and cheese recipe; its muc quicker than the white sauce/bake in the oven soul food variety but surprisingly similar in flavor. That recipe was found in the Best 30 Minute Recipe book I've talked about so much recently. Ya'll need to buy that book so I can stop bothering you about it.


I'm having a blast with my knitting needles, too! Check out my nearly complete sock:

Pretty, huh? I might finish it tonight...

Other stuff

Poor Anna had a scooter accident. Check out this boo-boo:

That's got to hurt.

Other stuff
Tonight is first Thursday sushi night with Dave in Canada. Sucks.

Drew's first shuffle post is up over at Tracks for the Day. Go dig. Make a comment. Let us know you care....


Melissa said...

Poor Anna!!! The PUD cakes look amazing! I want one!

Kathy said...

Fortunately for you, I make about 6 at a time. When you coming over?

Melissa said...

now? ok, just kidding! Still at the beach...

How about Thursday or Friday?