Wednesday, October 3, 2007

As if Life Could Be Any Better....

You know how I'm all dancing around and everything because I'm going:
a) to Vancouver, which is glorious and beautiful and I don't have any children there?
b) to Vancouver, which is where my best friend has relocated to, breaking my heart, but allowing lots of exciting traveling opportunities?
c) to Vancouver which is in the Pacific Northwest, a region which I've never visited?
d) to Vancouver which is flipping.... Vancouver, man!

Remember how I've been mentioning that, like, every 5 minutes? Remember how every time Rob has gotten even a teeny bit annoying, I've burst out in song like this, "O, Canada....glo-ri-ous and freeeeee?"

Do you? Well. It. has. just.gotten. better.

I'm gonna see my cousin, I'm gonna see my cousin, I'm gonna see my cousin! Yep. Dave has agreed to allow me to drive his [new!] car across international borders to spend a day with George in Tacoma, WA. The last time I saw George was in 1993; I remember wondering then why I hadn't married him, he's so fabulous, and then I remembered: "oh, yeah; he's my cousin! that makes sense now; its illegal and this isn't West Virginia". Anyway, that's how great George is.

Gotta go look for some ballast. I'm about to float away!


Lyman said...

lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Give him a hug and kiss for me.
Greatest Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

When I talked to George on Sunday he thought he was pretty lucky too. Have a wonderful child free time. We want all the scoop on our grown up nephew Jeffrey. I'm sure he's ever so handsome and charming. LYFE Nonna March