Sunday, October 14, 2007


Bethy Blue (makin' wishes that never come true).

These last three ( or seven) years have been really tough, ya know? I just wonder---will I ever be the girl I used to be before she got sick?

I just want to say: don't think for one minute that your life doesn't make a difference to the people around you. A single person can damn sure change the way the world looks and feels.


Anonymous said...

You've got a earlier start on the anniversary Bethy Blue then I do. I have to get through the Uncle Don first. Tomorrow will be 6 years for him. I feel for you and with you. LYFE Nonna March

Kathy said...

god, Donna; its so hard to believe all the time gone by, all the people who've left. Don't you even think about going anywhere without us.