Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning in Autumn

Folks always look at me like I have three heads when I say my favorite season is autumn; apparently everyone's favorite is supposed to be spring. But mornings like this one, crisp and sunny, wash away the sweaty humidity of our brutal summers and its possible again to be comfortable outside. Its good for the soul and even the blues...

Today was my first day of sending Lindsay off to pre-school. Followed by a nice walk over to Starbuck's it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined it might be. Her time there is quite short so I've done just a bit of grocery shopping and Halloween decorating; soon I'll go pick her up.

So we bought this house nearly ten years ago. There has been this moderate sized retail cluster about a mile from here and I've always lamented the lack of a coffee shop there, just a lovely evening's walk away.

No More! The green goddess has landed there and not only that, my stalwart comrades---no! There's an additional one opening up my grocery store as well. And. They are both open beyond 9pm---wow. I always wondered at the apparent disconnect in business model of an establishment which traffics in stimulants closing before anyone might actually need help staying awake. Apparently my displeasure has been duly noted.
And my patience rewarded. And my cup runneth over. With warm, brown, nutty goodness. And sometimes a muffin.

Recovery from one loss...
I've had my new iPod for over a week. No way was I going to make that flight without tunes. The Apple people finally took pity on me (since I got nasty about it) and allowed me to download all of my previously purchased stuff. Added to about thirty cds of Dave and T's I "borrowed", I travelled most contentedly.

But I'm still a bit annoyed because, you know, I really want an iTouch (when iThink about you, iTouch...). I'm not sure they're on the market yet, but even so, their first release has paltry storage---I think the "big" one is 16 gigs. C'mon, Apple. The market for iPods is broad: some people want to carry around just a handful of tunes; me, and others, want to have all of their stuff, all of the time. No way I'm spending that kind of cash and not having enough storage for my entire collection...and then some.

So this all means that I've just bought a pricey device which is not at the top of the technology spectrum (anathema for me) and that probably in six months, Apple will release the second gen iTouch which will meet my needs. Doh!


Special K said...

Oh, I LOVELOVELOVE autumn too (also, I prefer the word "autumn" to "fall", which really doesn't do it justice!)!

That's one thing that sucks about our new neighborhood that there's not a coffee shop RIGHT around the corner (there's one... I don't know... four or five blocks away) because I'm very, very lazy.

Melissa said...

I am enjoying Autumn too! Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch and are having a great time getting ready for Halloween and then Indy!

Kathy said...

Ah, yes, Melissa! I was just thinking of Scott's upcoming nuptials; are they managing to squeak in under the half-million dollar mark? I hope you all have a great time, I know Sadie will be dazzling and it will be beautiful weather...I just hope that flock of swans doesn't get too cold....