Monday, October 8, 2007

RIP: iPod

My trusty iPod died Thursday night. In truth, it was probably murdered and it might even be my fault but that doesn't change the impact: here I am, hours of flight time away from home with no music, no podcasts, no movies bought especially for the trip, no audiobooks, no photos of my angelic children. How well do you know me? How soon will it be replaced? How long until I have it loaded up?

Trip Update
We're having so much fun... Friday morning began with all three of us watching The Nanny in our jammies with coffee, Fruit Loops (!) and the kitty cats. I'd forgotten how sweetly funny Dave and T. are together. That was so silly and fun.

Later we went looking around Vancouver. Stanley Park is beautiful, set on the waterfront with lots of aboriginal memorials---it happened to be a reportedly rare sunny, dry day. The temperature is much to my liking--45 - 55 degrees. Vancouver is beautiful. Its a fairly modern city and much of the architecture is reminicent of what I think of as Danish Modern---lots of glass, little obvious supporting infrastructure from the exterior. Very, very clean and pretty. We ended the evening with dinner in a charming little entertainment district known as White Rock, also on the ocean. We had fish and chips (delicious), and drinks out on the patio just yards from the beach---there was a heater and blankets on the back of every chair to keep things cozy. It was perfection. We walked around a little bit...the Vancouver area is heavily populated with Asians so we found ourselves walking through a little Asian gift shop. I walked away with the most wonderful singing bowl; I've finally figured out how to make it sing and I can barely stop.

New Digs
Saturday we got a slow start but eventually we drove about town looking at Dave and T's house under construction and the furniture they've ordered to furnish it. OH MY GOD. Their house is absolutely beautiful and completely enviable. I can't wait to come back next year and hang out there and make big messes cooking in their AMAAAAZING kitchen.

Today is Canadaian Thanksgiving; Tuomo's family celebrated yesterday. Unfortunately I had a killer migraine with accompanying stomach distress... so I stayed at their place and tried to feel better. No turkey for me. Or cherry pie.

The flight was amazingly productive and I've had plenty of time to knit here as well. The first Traveler's Stocking is complete and oh-so-pretty. I've begun a simple garter rib sock for Rob using Trekking Natura (bamboo and wool); its going quite nicely and I think he'll like it.

Meanwhile, at the homefront...
Today was Lindsay's first day of pre-school. I've been a bit blue over not being there. Then again, had I been there, I'd likely have been more blue... Rob seems to be hanging in just fine with the kids but I'm beginning to feel antsy to get back there.

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