Sunday, November 11, 2007

Everything That's Rock and Roll

On Friday I was browsing movies at Best Buy, hoping to find some intriguing bargains for a weekend of chick flicks. I found much, actually; including something I wasn't expecting at all:

I effing (thanks, K; I can't stop saying that) love Tom Petty. He may be one of the few legitimate rockers still around. I think I have awareness of his career from the first moment his band broke. He came on the scene at the same moment I was becoming a rock-not-pop listener. Not only does he have genuine rock credibility, he's smart like hell and doesn't take any recording-industry crap. Loyal KHMindeed friends know that I quote him more than anyone else. This DVD set is full of lots of great concert footage, Petty interview bits as well as lots of perspective from the Heartbreakers. Its very solid entertainment and I recommend it heartily. One of my favorite quips, apart from Eddie Vedder bemoaning that his early girlfriends were more into his Petty album collection than himself (oh, silly girls!), was Stanley Lynch (drummer) commenting on the band's melodic style, "our motto was: don't bore us, cut to the chorus..." and that sums them up pretty well.

Tingly Fingers
For days now, I've been dealing with tingly, achy fingers. Don't know why; I haven't been knitting all THAT much. CRAZY. Annoying, too. Its slowed my knitting, too, which I'm not happy about. But since I brought that up...

Daniel's Varsity Sweater
Will be seamed up and finished today. All the pre-assembly knitting is finito and its even more adorable than I'd hoped:

So I'll have the zipper band and neck finishing to do, insert the zipper and dup stitch his initial and whoosh! off to California for a cute little boy... my photos are even more crappy than usual because I have to shoot with Haley's camera which has dead batteries so no luxury of time for framing, re-shooting, etc... sorry. I don't like to brag, but dudes, my stitching is enviably even. I'm kinda good at this.

Traveler's Stocking
I don't know why I was dreading picking this back up but I'm enjoying the last efforts here. I 'm working the second heel flap:

They're dead gorgeous. No kidding. I've heard some complaints about Jitterbug but I can't find any fault with it at all. I may like it as much as Koigu for socks, especially as its single-plied which is just a much more smooth look for texture work. This colorway in particular for its wee bit of color which doesn't interfere with the pattern but adds just a bit of color-interest. I'll bet Colinette sells a lot of this stuff.

Anna's Hoodie
Oh, this is so cute! I worked to the end of the first skein and decided to take a break (hence the sock work yesterday):

I'm just about to the arm hole shaping on the back. The back is always the worst---just a huge hulking piece of stockinette...BO-ring; but good for knitting in lines...

I do other things, too...
Or as Dolores says, "all this and I knit, too!" My guitar lessons are getting scary. My current instructor is a classical player and he's all jazzed about starting me off learning classical finger-picking. which I think is ambitious and perhaps frightening. Anyway, I have a lot of practicing to do and I think it will make me cry. Because music does not come easily from my fingers against the strings... I guess I'm thinkin' maybe I should change instructors and go learn kumbaya, after all.

Painters: GONE
We are completely painted. My house will be BEAUTIFUL once we have it back in order and all the sanding dust removed. Its so ...GROWN UP. In particular, my bedroom and bath are so much improved, so warm and lovely. Rob and I have picked some new art for the walls, some new mirrors...! Oh! by the way---if you find yourself in need of odds and ends, or needing to unload some stuff in reasonable condition, I really do urge you to check out The users there came to my rescue once again on Friday when the painting dudes took down my 72" X 48" bathroom mirror and asked what I intended to do with it.


Don't you guys need it?


OK. Give me a minute. Post on FreeCycle and within 5 minutes someone had claimed it. I had painter dudes take it downstairs and Shazam! Problem solved. Who wouldn't love that?

Off to watch Terms Of Endearment....

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phoenix said...

Is that the soundtrack for the Tom Petty documentary? I've been trying to catch that, (But I haven't had four hours to set aside.) I'm a bit apprehensive about how good the movie is. Apparently Peter Bogdonovich is the wrong director for the movie and the ending drags a bit. The first half seems filled with great music though and the usual drama, Petty smashing his hand, declaring bankruptcy etc.

The knitting looks great by the way. Yeah, you are good at it.

Kathy said...

Hi Phoenix! ETRR is a song from the film and soundtrack I'd never heard before and its so...1970's RnR silly. I once read an article that substantiated the most frequently used word in RnR songs is/was "Rock and Roll". That cracked me up. I'm sure second runner up was "Baby".

I'll sheepishly admit that I've only watched the first half, but I've done that twice and at least that much is worth the time. It remains to be known what non-Petty fans will think and I hope you'll let me know when YOU see it.

Final words : so far I find there's actually less of that "behind the Band" drama among Petty and the Heartbreakers than other bands of the same era. I'm sure there was the same amount of womanizing and partying but so far that's not what the story has been about. I'm also struck by how single-minded Petty was able to be about getting what he wanted in terms of the band membership and creative license. It doesn't appear that they had much of that usual hungry-struggling-trying-to-make-it difficulty.