Saturday, December 1, 2007

Clear Sailin'

Well, at considerable risk of jinxing things, I must say that life is going along pretty well these days. We're having fun, everyone's in reasonable health and our house is recovered from the craziness of the painters, etc. Whew. It feels rather nice---perhaps 2008 is going to be a better year for us---less turmoil, more health. Crossing fingers and toes...

Canine Update
Remember Noodle, the insatiable omnivore? What a difference a year makes...

I've always been a "dog person". As a very young person, and perhaps a more mature one, I often preferred our dogs to my sisters---never mind, that's a different post. I just have always loved our dogs and there have been many. Noodle is, hands down, the very best dog I've ever known. Having survived his canine urges and discovering he'd really rather be a compliant family member, he has learned what is expected of him and he couldn't be a bit sweeter. Love on four legs, in a white wooly coat: that's our boy. Poor Otis--who loves me beyond all else and merely tolerates the rest of domestic living. He's not at all happy about the Noodle-lovefest. His lying right there with him is just his fail-safe way of keeping himself between Noodle and myself at all times....

Did you see my mond0-cool Ravelry project progress bars over on the right? Cool, no? They need a bit more tweaking to deliver all their ravelly goodness but for now, I'm pretty pleased I got them to work. You might also notice that there's an unintroduced project there:

I don't know what made me do it, but a couple of nights ago, I decided to see what kind of challenges might await me in mitten-knitting. Not so much as it turns out---quick to knit, not all tricky, mitten one of a pair for Lindsay damn near finished. In less than three nights of non-exclusive knitting. I like the yarn---I'm not sure its the best fiber for mittens but it will likely be fine for everything around here except for playing in the snow. For that I'll have to felt some wool mittens, I suppose. Fun!

Girls' Night Out
Last night me and my gorgeous daughters went to see Twice Upon a Time at Imagination Stage. The production was superb--very nicely done in all aspects: great set, better costumes, nice audience participation, great acting, great sound and lighting. Such a lovely time. Thanks to super-cool friend Marietta (costume designer for Imagination Stage) and her husband Steve (Technical Director), their adorable baby boy Max for giving us Opening Night Tickets. It was cool to hang out with the Senator, the Council Member and all those bank presidents and board members.... and I don't think anyone really noticed me hammering out all those repeats on Anna's I-cord for her hoodie....Lindsay was in heaven; I'm not all together certain she understood that those real people on stage weren't actually the Lorax, the Emperor or those other guys. I love theater and I think these kids do, too!

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