Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mullen Movie Night 2007

What a day, what a party!I've lost track of how many of these we've hosted; many, though. What began this year with this delicious pile of fabrics, findings, plywood boards, ribbons, string, hardware and glue....

Got underway with food, games and gift-exchange trickery.......

proceeded with fits of crafting, more games and being generally goofy or cool...

included the movies, of course (Mr. Bean's Holiday and Pirate's of the Caribbean (End of the World)), but required a good bit of resting...

and ultimately (at 1:30 AM!) produced a pile of really creative and fun wall hangings as we all celebrated another holiday in a community full of great folks (and especially fun kids!).
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**KHM obviously feeling her age today


Marietta said...

i love the idea of the party and all the fabirc and trims - i am so jealous (remember: store in brain for party 8 years from now)

Anonymous said...

Ditto... being around a bunch of non-sentimental men during Christmas, I long for holiday parties. And cocktails. Yes, a completely different subject. :-) - Vicki