Thursday, January 3, 2008


I don't generally make resolutions. I find that they run mostly to the typical (get in shape, visit grandma more often) that are so often discarded, or the over-reaching (repair relationship with my alcoholic abusive step-father) that require effort from other parties, and perhaps professional therapists. And they mostly serve just the resolver. So it is that for many years, I've made no resolutions to open the New Year.

As a matter of course in recent years, I've asked my small family, mostly my spouse, to join me in making small changes that are more green than our usual way of doing business: use of paper, rather than plastic, disposable cups; usage of those cool new compact fluorescent or halogen bulbs. I'm glad we've done those things but I want to go further. I just don't know what all it will entail right now. Here, then, is my list of gestating resolutions for 2008:

1. Identify meaningful green changes to implement for home and family, including minimally:

  • replacement of all standard bulbs with more green options as required,
  • reduce auto-fuel consumption by eliminating non-essential driving, combining errands and sharing rides with mother-in-law to common destinations (oh lord, what am I saying??)
  • Consider hopping on the charming bicycle for certain errands and Starbucks runs...
  • Take serious stock of household water consumption (not drinking water...) and evaluate conservation/reduction strategies
These seem like small, affordable and easy-to-implement possibilities. I really think environmental issues are the primary challenge facing the future of not just this country but the whole planet. I might even start carrying my own fabric bags to the grocery store. Maybe I could substitute that change for sharing trips to the grocery with MIL? Please?


Special K said...

Oh, funny you should mention this. Carrie and Lyman and I were talking about having a Green Blogging Week (TBD). You should join us. Lately I'm all about taking my own bags shopping, I think we've totally made the cfl switch, and recently I'm started using natural products to clean (vinegar!) More later on Green Blogging Week! (:

Kathy said...

Nice! Great ideas! You seem to be kicking my barely-green arse!

Drew said...

This topic was one of my posts this coming week as well. As an environmental engineer, it is finally good to see that green abounds! And I think we all need to do more than we are...

kbmulder said...

Is it green if I take less showers, because I'm all for that!!! Andy and I are going to invest in some reusable shopping bags. Our local grocery store now sells them for 99 cents.

Have you heard of this handbook on green living: "Green Living: The E Magazine Handbook for Living Lightly on the Earth." Gave it to my sister-in-law for Christmas.