Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Epiphany

Its the twelfth day of Christmas (lords-a-leaping, I believe?), the celebration of the arrival of the Magi. It is, dear friends, the day that brings back to us the wonder of ...

The Wire, Fifth (and final) Season
Just typing it brings a deep exhale---so long we've waited to check in on Bodie, for lascivious glances of Omar's abs, to know what became of Randy, Duchie, Snoop, Michael and his little brother. Will McNulty really keep on the straight and narrow with the lady and her kids? Will Lester Forman continue to run his little renegade fiefdom pumping out the plot for this greatest drama of all times? And what about Avon Barksdale? Will this be his end? After so many years with him, so many ups and downs---what will become of the walking, talking emodiment of every horrid social problem giving rise to the current inner-city drug crisis?

ETA: Snap! I totally forgot Bodie got iced at the end of Season 4---what a heartbreak that was...he was a straight-up soldier, yo...

Gearing Up
So. This is no small day in the KHM household, no. This is...the Epiphany. The bringing of gifts is in order after a long journey. Here we've reviewed Seasons 3 and 4, we've watched all the prequels and bonus features we could put our hands on. And having done so, now we're back to reviewing Season 4 again. But we're not crazy---we are simply trying to wring out every bit of background we possibly can because this show is like---Tolstoy---easy enough to get on the surface but there are just webs and webs of interconnected plotlines and story arcs... we are finally beginning to understand what happened two or three seasons ago.

So on the agenda for today: special celebratory viewing treats (brownie sundaes...yum) and a festive dinner. I hoping my kids will develop sniffles so I can justify giving them all night-time cold medicine so we're not interrupted. yeah, sure; we've got a DVR but where's the fun in that? And silence.

Spoilers -- not herein
Because people just can't stop talking about this show. Tonight's return of the show was covered as the lead story in today's Washington Post Style section. It appeared to be fairly long and interesting but I wouldn't know. That's because I started to read it and immediately after noting that David Simon had implored TV critics to avoid spilling certain beans in their write-ups, this klutz spilled important beans. THAT'S IT. Nothing but canned music for me today---no TV unless I catch a few more epidsodes for review. Seriously. Be very careful where you go and what you might hear today. Because I don't want you to hear what I read in the paper this morning.

The NFL Playoffs
Thank god the Redskins lost yesterday. The fervor to watch games has diminished a good bit. Its not that I mind its just that every game of critical interest puts me on the hook to keep the kids out of Dad's way. Bah. Done with that.

The Return of Knitting Posts
You've all been so good-spirited about it but I know you must have been chafing over the lack of knit chat. The deal is, I've been on this major going to the movies kick and that required me to take the simplest of knitting work---that has meant I've alternated between about three projects (the Henley Perfected (woe is me, that lace is giving me fits), Anna's Hoodie and Daniel's Varsity sweater). I'm happy to report that Daniel's sweater is completely assembled and requires now only the knitting of edging and insertion of zipper. Anna's Hoodie is completely knit and ready for assembly---requires no other finishing (yeah! that's what I like!) and I've got pause on the Henley until I get that damn lace figured out! But we're moving on and odds are I'll be wearing that Henley before the winter is over.

I will allow myself to cast on some socks as soon as Daniel and Anna's pieces are completely wrapped up! Very exciting!

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Melissa said...

Boo Hoo! You have recovered quickly from the Redskins loss, but I (like Rob I am sure) am not over it!!Boo Hoo Hoo!!!