Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Be Warned All Ye Who Here Enter...

With three kids in the house, I have to be a little bit of a tough guy about picking up . Recently, Haley left the house for a sleepover with her most treasured dollies out of safekeeping:

You just never know what might happen if you don't take care of your stuff. She was not at all happy to find these pretties handled so roughly, but hey...what's a Mommy to do?

Oh, things are going well! Daniel and Anna's sweaters are completely wrapped up (well, I still have to sew in the zipper on Daniel's but that's about five minutes and no challenge). They're both still damp and being pulled into shape on the blocking board. Pictures very soon---I'm so pleased with both of them. Anna was so excited that she wore hers before I had a chance to wash and block it---silly girl. I'm so pleased she was so excited...

I need to tackle the Henley Perfected problem. I know its me; other knitters (this I know from Ravelry; I swear I love that site!) have had no problem. The lovely designer has been emailing help and encouragement and that is just so lovely.

In the meantime, I've cast on and made good progress with Lolly's hoodie:

Same pattern as Anna's and Haley will have one as well.

I've also begun a scarf in my favorite wool, favorite colorway of all time: "My So-Called Scarf" in Manos del Uruguay Wildflower wool (113). This is some very seriously beautiful wool and it is so lovely and squishy in the hands. The pattern makes a fairly dense fabric so it might actually end up being too warm for DC winters which could end up being a good thing for folks whose gifts have been hung up in the emergency travel delays during the holidays...when one project gets derailed, others mysteriously spring to life. Creativity is fickle that way...

To smoke or not to smoke...
If you have any spare energy lying about, why not think good wishes for my Mom and Dad who have both taken on the smoking cessation efforts...They're at about 48 hours since last light-up. Dad is doing fine, Mom is kind of nutsy-cuckoo...yeah, I know: more so than usual, ya'll. I'm proud of her---she's always been fiercely emotionally attached to the fags (55 years smoking!) so to go two days with none---takes some commitment. I know I'm wishing them lots of success; I'd like to keep them around as long as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you left a message on my blog about school knitting clubs.

I have seven children aged between 7-11. I did start with a bigger group but it wasn't manageable on my own. To start with I got hold of some children's-sized knitting needles and some double knitting wool. I found a book on knitting for children and I gave each of them a photocopy of the pages about casting on/off and the basic knit stitch. To start with I cast on for them and just taught the knit stitch... be prepared for lots of mistakes!! They work quite independently now, some can purl and increase/decrease. We started making a simple stretchy hairband or wrist bad (long rectangulat strip) and moved onto scarves and teddy bears. Hope thsi helps!

Marietta said...

haley is lucky that her precious friends were not nailed to the floor and sacrificed....that is all i am saying for now :)

i really want a cigarette now! max is ten months old, so it has been about 18months since i have had one.....is that you marlbor calling my name?
what are you doing sunday feb 3rd?