Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Extra: Must Read

Rob just hooked me up with a couple of interesting write-ups on The Wire. This one, is an interview with David Simon done by Nick Hornby. I'm about half-way through it and I knew that at least a handful of my sometimes readers would be interested in something like that. Verrrrry interesting.


Lyman said...

I stumbled on this article yesterday but didn't read it until now. Great stuff. Simon seems like a real talker.

The Wire is so resonant and realistic that I've never stepped back and try to examine its literary roots, Greek tragedy sure does fit the bill.

I've just had a Wire cram session. Finished season 4 in three days (maybe the best season) and am all caught up with the two episodes from the new season. Do you have On Demand? Because new episodes are put up there a week before they air on HBO.

Kathy said...

Oh, I've been resisting the temptation to watch the second episode OD!!!! Its been such an effort! I just don't want to have to wait 10+ plus days for the third episode...

So, I'm re-watching Season 1. All Wire, All the time! Agree entirely, Season 4 was GREAT. Glad you enjoyed it and crammed it all in at once.

David Simon has definitely gone on my Top Five list of people I'd invite to a dinner party...hint, hint.

There's another article I'll send the link for by email---"what thugs think of The Wire". pretty funny.

Special K said...

Oooh - hint picked up!