Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Looking for Coverage?

Well, after paying far too much attention yesterday to the election returns in New Hampshire, today I've been making the blog CES coverage rounds. You've gotta love for the surly, unimpressed posturing. Plus they curse Check 'em out and get at least a general sense of the electronics in the pipeline...silly and sensible. Have a laugh as well.

The Domestic Goddess returns
She's not around all that often but when she is, dude! I've been cooking like a, uh, uh, a hungry person. Rob is seriously suspicious of my motivation... if I haven't mentioned it previously, ya'll should all check out a copy of The Best 30-Minute Recipe by the folks at America's Test Kitchen. I suppose I've cooked about 15 recipes from that source and there's only one I won't repeat. And they really are really quick, not too fussy and very common ingredients. Tonight we had "baked" ziti---most of the cooking was stove top and I did some little doctoring to the vodka cream sauce to more closely match the seasoning I like (but that's no biggie) and I used more cheese than they asked....after about 15 minutes stove-top simmering, final ingredients (cream, cheeses, basil) are stirred in and baked till cheese is melted and everything is firm---voila. Oh---I added some soy-protein "sausage" crumbles--have you all tried those? They're not bad! Anywho, it was a huge hit and I barely broke a sweat.

Other great treats have been coming out of my kitchen but none have brought so much pride as a recent evening's Creme Brulee---that being the finest of desserts EVAH! I finally purchased some fuel for a kitchen torch Dave gave to me several years ago and there we went. It was sincerely excellent and I don't know...I just kind of notice this swagger about myself: *I* made creme brulee!

Master Knitter?
Does it send you into fits of laughter? It does me. I'm serious, though; today I received the materials for the first level of credentialling in the Knitting Guild of America's Master Knitter program. It actually appears VERY challenging. Pretty rigorous requirements in terms of submissions of sample swatches and research, written Q&A's. I figure once I'm a full-fledged Master Knitter, I'll be qualified to knit any damn thing I want, just like now. I'll just be ever so much more snooty about it. Can't you just not wait?

New music excitement
Last night I scored James Taylor's recent One Man Band release from late last year. Although its mostly a two-man band including a piano player and the occassional dubbing of drums and backing vocals, this recording is so intimate and puts the focus fully on his beautiful voice and his guitar. It is seriously worth hearing.


O M said...

Try a chicken hash; colorful, attractive, tasty, easy.

The wonderful thing about hash is that exact ingredients and amounts don’t really matter:

1 small chicken cut
1 package fresh diced potatoes and onions (or dice your own)
1 red pepper diced (again no rules, dice large or dice small)
1 med. onion diced
2 pats of butter

Wrap cut chicken pieces in bacon, or put some fresh basil under the skin or just simply lightly oil and salt and pepper. Roast it in the oven until done. Once done pull the flesh away from bones and cut in cubes. If you wish, include the skin and crisp bacon in the meat. (Yes. Yes! Oh, YES ! ! !)

Skillet fry the potatoes until they are crispy. Set aside on paper towels to soak up any excess oil.

In the now empty skillet, sauté the red pepper and onion in the butter until they are soft and sweet.

Add the chicken meat and mix.

Add the potatoes and mix.

Salt and pepper to taste, garnish with some green onions.

Now, simply masticate and enjoy!

Kathy said...

oh fart, OM, you said "wrap the chicken in bacon" and i had to excuse myself for some privacy...mmm.

that done, thanks! Will try this, maybe even tonight!

I have some things to drop by Chez Vous...would any of the next several evenings be incredibly inconvenient were I to do so on my post-dinner walks? That high-risk neighborhood of yours keeps the mailboxes locked up so I can't drop and run! Gotta love me, dontcha?