Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Time, Busy Time

So its been a week, a heck of a week to be precise, since the last post and I'm afraid I still "got nuthin'" for it.

Much of the week has been spent trying to reverse the atmospheric pressure exerting itself directly on my eyeballs. Not so much luck with that. Other part getting Haley ready for her stage debut as Annie:

That's one ugly wig. But it did well on stage. Its the only photo I have of her and lucky at that as it was snapped during a quick visit to the green room prior to the dress rehearsal---there were no mirrors for the starlet to check herself so I grabbed this with my phone. I had no clue it would be my only interaction with her before the whole production was wrapped up.

Haley AMAZED me. I had no idea she was so capable of handling the role, the stage, the audience so well. I COULD NOT get over it. It was a little pitchy in places but you know, it really allowed us to see the color and texture of her ... errr...well, her hair looked GREAT. As we all know, a great performance is about SO much more than the vocals. Stage Mommy is trying hard to extract a couple of clips to post on YouTube for her adoring fans. Haley reports that in the hallways at school, all the younger kids are whispering "there goes Annie!" as she walks by...rock star. Like her mommy.

Other silliness
I have a tight deadline on a couple of knitting projects that have caused me to put aside my Rockin' Socks Leafling. Lovely niece, K, has asked that I knit a shawl for her prom and I have some socks to whip for MIL prior to Mother's Day. Don't be surprised if you find me knitting at meals over the next several weeks.

One of the things I love about Firefox is all the widgets and things you can load on your home page. My favorite of these, at least for today, is Slang of the Day. I found these this morning:

April 20: bogart
(slang verb) To keep something all for oneself, thus depriving anyone else of having any. A slang term derived from the last name of famous actor Humphrey Bogart because he often kept a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, seemingly never actually drawing on it or smoking it. Often used with weed or joints but can be applied to anything.
April 19: Grippin grain
wood grain steering wheel
To engage in dirty talk with ones partner via text message.
April 17: dfl
dead fuckin last. as in a sporting event or race. or anything else you can get last in.
Bogart is not a new one for me but the three previous days' were. I'm thinking dfl will be in heavy rotation and textual relations is very amusing. I mean the euphemism, of course!

Happy Sunday.

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