Monday, April 21, 2008

Crrrrafting Update

I've been on a crazy bag-making binge since the first REM bag I put up here a week ago or so.

This bag re-purposes a shirt brought to me by a most thoughtful cousin who had the good fortune of performing at

a recent Montreaux Jazz Festival; the shirt didn't fit

and it wasn't ever going to. How happy am I to be able to "wear" it as a bag? Very much! It was a really great shirt and even better bag. And check out the cool lining! I LOOOOOVE Alexander Henry's Calaveras; this large motif includes gold glittery outlines of the orbits---nifty!

I've also been cranking out the fabric bags; these are intended to be used as shopping bags, as well as for the kids to use to carry their stuff about on field trips, sleepovers, trips to the library...

This is currently my favorite of the lot of six or so I've made; don't you just love the colors? It seems with every one I complete I earn a new fan who would like to have it.
And it just makes sense to encourage the use of Haley, Anna and
Lindsay are all in heaven with their selections.

Green sock is RSC's March offering: Leafling. Its lovely and I'm a little more than a third finished with sock two. Unfortunately, its been hibernated in favor of time sensitive projects...

The lovely rose colored sock is for my MIL's Mother's Day gift...its the same pattern I recently did Mom's (Meida's socks) and the same fiber (Sublime Yarns merino/silk/cashmere). Its beautiful and going really quickly!

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