Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mic Check?

So, what's the blog equivalent of tapping (or banging) on a microphone to figure out if its wired or not? Anybody out there?

Sleepless Night
So what's a girl to do when she ain't sleeping and that's very clear---in a house surrounded not only by the people and dogs she loves most but also nearly every conceivable kind of diversion known to the crafting universe?

Of course! Make a case for your glasses! Because I hate the ones I have: they weigh too much and they're so not me. This case, though; it's good. I love that Kaffe Fassett print (so much so that in the last year I've bought it in three different colorways). Its lined with a surprisingly well suited scrap of flannel I had lying about.

And then, if you're still not sleeping you could begin a prototype for a project you're really psyched about:

So what looks like a mistake at this point is actually about 3/4 of the work required to complete Grand Revival Design's Flea Market Bag minus the Shabby Chic rose patterns. Since this is really a figure-out-the-proportions-and-how-to-assemble-it demo, I didn't pay much mind to the fabric, I just made sure I didn't grab something out of the super-awesome stack. Damn---MISTAKE. I love this purple batik and I don't think I have anything smart for the reverse (its reversible, yo!). It would be disaster, now wouldn't it, if I were compelled to go find something suitable for this project at a fabric store or something, huh? Perish the thought. It'll come to me again, I'm sure.

Finally, if still no go, you can make a big breakfast for the kids who will stare at you like you're a three-headed alien and wonder why the hell you're making such a fuss this morning when we usually just barely grunt at one another.

Oh---and take a picture of Bethy-Boo's flowering dogwood; it never fails to crank up in time to have a lovely show for us in early May. By the way, Grandma Dillard's, Aunt Mary's and Cousin Carol's stock of lillies-of-the-valley are coming right along as well! That single finding alone makes me feel less pitiful about the sleepless night!

The story of my long quest to grow lillies-of-the-valley in my yard is waaaay to uninteresting to tell you all but suffice it to say, I'm PSYCHED.


Special K said...

Wow - you have been crrrrrrafting up a storm!

Love the flowering trees!

Marietta said...

i am looking forward to the end result of the bag...hopefully i will see it in person....another thursday afternoon