Saturday, July 26, 2008

Diversions for when you've been punched in the face

Oh, Special K is a funny, funny girl. She asked, "what do you do to amuse yourself..." in response to my post-op report. You know what? Amusement hadn't crossed my mind once. In an entire week. So what did happen?

About once or twice every day I wandered downstairs to sit among my visitors in a veritable haze of narcotics. Sometimes, I rocked out with nephew Ryan (who is damn good and tough to keep up with)---that was the best but I could only play bass lines which I discovered the hard way by attempting to drum. Each beat of the skins pulsed up my arms, up neck and concentrated the force into my nose. Very bad. Other times, I sat at the kitchen table (I have one of those Moms who would prefer to spend their entire day at the kitchen table. It is for this reason that I bought an extremely comfy table and chairs for my kitchen) and engaged in the "sit-and-chat activity du jour" which was nearly always cutting snowflakes or other scissor-y endeavors. My Mom, and now sister T. and her son, is a wizard with the scissors---you seriously can't believe what my Mom can do with scissors, paper and a good idea. So---my cutouts weren't that good, stoned as I have been. No matter, I have a kitchen window full of colorful thingies to remind me there was a party over here. Its nice. I should take a picture. Ok I did:

Its very cheerful.

Other than that what I did was nothing. I sat in the recliner in my room. I attempted to enjoy the post-op diversions offered by my spouse: a couple of movies, new cds and magazines. Plus a little gong that I could bang on to solicit help (how cute is he?). I allowed visitors for brief intervals, in small numbers. I tried really hard to avoid attempting to remove any of the countless annoying objects from my nose.

The thing is, I couldn't really concentrate--at all. So I did listen to a lot of music and found something to be really excited about. Rob randomly picked up a copy of Paste Magazine for me. Neither of us had ever seen it before---this month is issue 44 so its been around for almost four years---go figure. Anywho---the coup here is that each issue of the magazine (monthly, yo) includes a music sampler---about 20 tracks each. This month's really grabbed me! I couldn't believe how many tunes I was really into on the first listen (and you know what kind of first-listen critic I am)---stuff by My Morning Jacket, The Watson Twins, Alejandro Escoveda---folks that I've been hearing murmurings of recently but hadn't caught any of. Some really really cool stuff. I looooove "Hologram" by Katie Herzig (sucky YouTube clip is all I could find)

I'm in a love affair without a love song
I'm in the habit of having what I don't want
I'm just a hologram
You can see but don't touch me but baby
Oh I'll bet you want me now...

Yeah--that's some good stuff. Reminds me a lot of the good old mid '90's when No Doubt and Garbage could be counted upon to crank out the irony fueled edgy girl-rock.

So as things stand today, 9 days post-op, the most amusement I've had has been discovering Paste Magazine and their cd samplers. They have bona fide free issues on offer---no credit card up front or anything. Check it.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back among the living and the dust has settled down from the many visitors. Hope everything goes well with the recoup. I have tickets to go to LA Sept. 16th. Something wonderful to look forward too. LYFE Milo's Nona