Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Been....

One week since my "surgery". Sure---let someone roto-rooter around the middle of your skull and make it sound all clinical... then pretend that its perfectly OK to walk around with a wad of gauze taped across your nostrils to catch all that oozes there...because you can't possibly wipe it away and if you blow... well, that's just bad news, boys and girls.

Sparing you most of the details, then, I can tell you that things are drying up (note: good news? bad news? Not sure...), and the last two days the aching in my face is just about one notch worse than having someone punch you in the nose every 15 min. My nose is a little crooked---I hope that's just swelling because it was not that way when I moved from the gurney to the OR table and that's the last thing I remember.... my face is hopelessly puffy and I still have death breath from the "drainage" and sleeping with my mouth wide open so I can breathe.

But otherwise? Hey! things are GREAT.

All of the invading forces have retreated, finding us not all that engaging as conquered forces go... once the pillaging was done, it was time to go.

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Special K said...

erk. Sounds awful. how do you amuse yourself?