Monday, July 14, 2008

Livin' the Dream...

Its been so much fun with the Danimal already; I'm so grateful to be a person who can be home to play with anyone who shows up. He's a GREAT kid, so sweet, so fun, so different than my girls. Charming!

Today we all went to see Wall-E. I'm a huuuuge Pixar fan---they kill every movie they do. Wall-E is no exception, in fact, its one of their best: right up there with Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo except in some ways better: the adult-ish story line that most kids will miss is very powerful. It also happens to be one that deals with my issue du jour---the interrelationship of unencumbered capitalism, gluttonous consumerism, environmental arrogance all working together to create a set of health, social and environmental issues that may well be the undoing of this country as we know it. There are some fine zingers, too; "survival may be possible, living is not...". Really poignant characterizations of affection and the need for it, funny post-apocalyptic allusions... its great stuff. Kids or no, you should all go see it. Fabulous flick, great animation, plenty of tricks to engage the geek...loved it. LOVED IT.

In case you've not seen the trailers, I leave you this:

And because I know you care, I should tell you that the first thing I said to Haley this morning was that I love her and then I reminded her of the bad day yesterday and my expectations for change. She was very lovely, all day long. It was Very.Nice. I liked it.


Anonymous said...

HI! This is Kim (Castrated Bean on Ravelry) and I wanted to tell you I've PM'd you on Ravelry. I've missed seeing you there, and I hope you are okay.

*expect something from me in the mail within the week, if you haven't received anything PM me there, please?

thank you for being a true friend.

Kim Storey

Kathy said...

shucks! Its easy to be your friend, raincloud!