Thursday, July 17, 2008

HurtAttack 2008

Some of you may know that my Dad arranged for all of "our" family to meet up at my house for a long weekend---nice, but I think perhaps we might have picked a better opportunity had he actually mentioned it to me before inviting everyone and making arrangements.... As the invasion gets underway, we're currently occupied by forces from the West and South and tomorrow I expect the Northern contingency will roll right through our waning defenses.

Ummmm. Tomorrow is my surgery. Bad day(s) for visitors. Bad day, in fact, for me. I'm a little scared. Maybe more than that.

Oh---and the piece de resistance? My dishwasher died yesterday. So, um, yeah. Its a good time for the annual HurtAttack.

Have fun---


Don said...

I hope your surgery went well.

Special K said...

speeding recovery!

Put those house guests to work!

Special K said...

The last time I had a big bunch of house guests, kind of as a joke, I made a list called "Super-fun Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy" like weeding the garden and fixing the screen door and making potato salad for dinner and whatnot - and the beauty is, after making fun of it, everyone picked something and set about doing it quite seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin, Speedy recovery...........all those caregivers should? help you along.
Post photos of the family when you can.

All my love, Caddy Jean