Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Haley Marie, 8/7/98; 10 pounds even

Time Flies....someone tell it to stop
Tomorrow my oldest daughter is turning 10. Ten YEARS old. Really? How on earth did that happen?

Those nights of Rob driving up and down Great Seneca Highway, trying to get Haley to sleep in her car seat on top of the dryer...only to be woken up at 90-minute intervals and he would have to start all over again. Days and days of baby gazing, trips to Target...bleary eyed, fatigued, overwhelmed... ok, I don't miss most of it. But I can't believe our baby is 10.

I think this will be the last year that I do very much to organize a party for her, the last year of Mommy-crafted favors, the big to-do. From here it goes to a couple of friends, some food and gifts... and since it is that...

We're hosting a slumber/pool party for 4 friends and her sisters, ice cream cake, manicures. And the girls will all make some beaded earrings and perhaps bracelets. Haley talked me into making cool reversible bags for the favors:

This is bag #1 and I used CraftyCrafty's directions; it couldn't be easier, really. I still need to sew the drawstring channel and put in the cord (pinky-red satin cord). There are 8 bags in all and I have all of the flowered pattern sides complete. Tomorrow I'll just sew up the 7 remaining batik prints and assemble them..the actual party isn't till Friday. We went all out at the dollar store (woot!) so we have manicure kits, emery boards, nail polish, hand lotion and sleep masks. I'm pretty pleased! I hope the revelers will love the bags; they'll be handy for carrying any number of treasures in years to come...

Haley, as usual, has created a birthday mix to be shared with her guests:
I Think I'm Paranoid -- Garbage
Lucky Kid -- Sheryl Crow
Hole in my Pocket -- Sheryl Crow
Foundations -- Kate Nash
Pumpkin Soup -- Kate Nash
Blitzkrieg Bop -- The Ramones
Here Comes The Sun -- The Beatles
Stupid Girl -- Garbage
In Bloom -- Nirvana
Just a Girl -- No Doubt
Doo Wop (That Thing) -- Lauryn Hill
Harder to Breather -- Maroon 5
What is Love -- Haddaway
Roxanne -- The Police
(Don't Fear) The Reaper -- Blue Oyster Cult
The cds will be burned soon; the birthday girl is in charge of the cover art. I'm kind of impressed with her selections this year.

Other Birthdays
My Mom celebrated a birthday this week, too. I would have liked to have taken her out for an afternoon of shopping and movies but it just didn't work that way. Maybe next year, Mom...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Halo, hope you have a great party. There is nothing like being 10 for sure. Happy Birthday to Nana Mary too. LYFE Cousin Nona

Lyman said...

love the inclusion of "In Bloom"

KSM said...

I'll call and wish her a happy b-day, provided my memory does not fail me. You are an amazingly dedicated mother. Those are sweet little bags.

KHM said...

Lym: I'm not sure I share your mirth at In Bloom's inclusion but there's a hearty dose of irony in most of her selections so I choose to write that one off....

KSM--what a lovely thing to say. You ought to know....

Marietta said...

i am likin' don;t fear the reaper as a choice by a ten your old!