Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wow! Where have you guys been all week? I've been busy recovering from the party and getting things back on track. Whew. Lots to do. Here's a tune I've been loving this week:
15 -- Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley -- 15

I do love a sassy chanteuse--it seems to me Rilo Kiley is exactly what Garbage would be if they were an R&B band...edgy, surprising, tight; always dead on target. Since purchasing Under the Blacklight a couple of weeks back, I've also added More Adventurous to my collection. For the first time in years, I think I've finally found consecutive albums by a group without a single clunker; every one of the songs delight.

Back to School
So that's a lot of what we've been doing: shopping, preparing, slamming in the last bits of unencumbered time. I am NOT happy about back to school; it has come far too soon for me. Especially as this year, all three of my girls will be getting on the bus which means I'll have NO excuse for not cleaning the house.

Small consolations have been offered, and one accepted. About the time the girls hit the classroom, one of these should be awaiting me at the AT&T store:
Yep---that's the newish 3G model. I know I said I was waiting until the capacity was high enough to replace multiple devices but it the Google people keep putting off the Android devices quarter by quarter and I'm beginning to think its going to take a while to get that right. So since I was eligible for a phone upgrade, and..... well. I'm psyched.


jill said...

Woot! Welcome to the iPhone club!!!

Ya know, this is the second time I have heard about Rilo Kiley in a week. Need to check them out.

Lyman said...

"Does He Love You" from 'More Adventurous' is such an amazing song.

KSM said...

okay, I know you love your iphone, but I'm missing you... Where are you...?