Thursday, October 9, 2008

The good life...

is what I've been living.  Not so much to report, really, just the day to day of a happy family going about its usual business.  There's a reason that suburban family life is the American norm---its really, really satisfying for the folks who are happy with their family situation.  I'd be one of them.

On the Horizon...
Next week I'm driving up to New York's Hudson valley to spend a loooong weekend with Niece #2, KSM.  Although there's the big Rhinebeck festival we'll enjoy, more than anything I'm looking forward to the niece herself and time for the two of us to be all girlie and independent.  Also, I'm expecting it will be a super gorgeous drive.

Also next week begins this year's Knitting Bullfrogs.  We'll be knitting two days per week this year and the folks who learned the basics last year will be starting on a project: a very simple
 dropped-stitch scarf in a very pretty variegated wool.  I'm pleased our sign ups brought us a huge group; running against the very popular drama club, I was concerned that our knitters would leave us for the footlights...

My own knitting...
Despite the fact I've not made a peep about recent crafting, I have actually been kinda engaged
 in a couple of projects.  One is converting a t-shirt of a favorite cousin into a bag.  She's been
 patient and that will pay off eventually.  I've had to be creative with the pattern to get things situated exactly as I'd like them and we all know you can't rush an artist.  Soon, though; I'll have pictures to share.

On the knitting front, I'm furiously working to complete Lolly's hoodie so I can get on to Haley's---hopefully they'll all be wearing theirs soon.  Here's what the work in progress looks like:

Its nearly complete.  I have about 3 inches remaining on the hood, the pouch pocket and then assembly.  Could be done in a day or two.

And the sock of the moment (which I'm enjoying very much despite having many froggings to its credit):
Sorry for the crappy photos; its all I had the energy for ;-)

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KSM said...

Niece number 2 is also excited about said visit.