Friday, October 10, 2008

Time for some music

Long time no tunes, right?  Unlike Lyman  who has been on a music buying binge, I've been swimming about in the pool of tunes I purchased over the summer.  Some really cool stuff.

Tift Merritt
I've decided I need to hear more of her.  I think her work is  largely regarded 
as Country or alt-country but seems more "Americana"-ish to me---at any rate, that's a more palatable label for me.  I think I heard this track first from a list of Alt-Country tracks on iTunes---its kinda got that Dusty Springfield thing about it, right?  And I hear a bit of irony in there--- is it just me?  Any of you know something about Ms. Merritt?

Good Hearted Man -- Tift Merritt

Neko Case
This is one of those songs I just can't shake.  I think I heard it first on a mix from a good friend three or four years ago, at any rate a good while before Fox Confessor Brings the Flood hit the big time.  Good stuff.

Rilo Kiley
Maybe a bit too commercial but this has definite appeal and I don't hear a
 thing to not like.  I'm telling you: I love a sassy, smart rock chick.  J., I promise, this will somehow be in your hands in time to migrate to your 'pod for the metro ride on Monday...

Sinead Lohan
This is one of those songs that elude my ability to say what I like---I just like.  In fact, this album, No Mermaid, is a quixotic group of songs that aren't particularly novel, not particularly smart but have real staying power.

Various Artists
Paste Magazine and their samplers remain a great source of new music---some end up being worth pursuing further, some are just one-off treasures that please the ear and shakin' booty.  I'll talk about those tunes very soon.


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Oh, I love "no Mermaid" - I've never met anyone who's even heard of her! (We're soul-mates!)