Sunday, December 21, 2008

What it Is...

Its been busy and we've had colds. Long time no post.

Mullen Movie Night 2008

Well, it was the fifth (or sixth, we can't recall) edition of Mullen Movie Night. TOO MUCH FUN! With many of the kids in their last year(s) of High School I was feeling a little unprepared to plan an entire evening of entertainment so we had a planning committee to guide the preparations. The movie lineup ended up as National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (completely age-inappropriate as it turns out; thanks Rob), Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (me and Spenser loved it) and Wall*E (which we didn't get to watch as Movie 2 wrapped at 1:00AM!). For holiday crafting we decorated holiday-themed hats with assorted baubles; you can see in the photos that we ended up with quite the unique creations... Secret Santa was a blast with an assortment of funny gifts strangely paired with precisely the right kid and... Spenser and Connor wanted to put together a collaborative, commemorative music mix so that ended up being quite the eclectic set of tunes. Fun! Links here and here of MMN of years past...I wish I could find the others. They are REALLY growing up fast!

approaches! I finally got my out-of-town stuff in the mail assured they'd arrive in time; I have so little left to do in terms of the gifting part that if nothing else gets done, it really would not matter. I love that. I'm very excited. Our holiday meal is pretty low key so its now really all about the fun of wrapping, caroling and baking... Ho Ho Ho!

Finally, recently Jill posted the original video of IU men's a capella group performing their extremely tight, energetically arranged, deftly performed arrangement of Twelve Days of Christmas. Its been yanked off of YouTube but the following performance from last week is up. Its a bit more contrived than the original but still really great. Thanks, Jill!

Check it:


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures. It looks like everyone had a great time. Childhood flies by so fast that you must take advantage of the time every day. What's the menu for Christmas. Have a wonderful week of Christmas doings.

LYFE Milo's Nonna

KSM said...

looks a riot. Had some interesting ones there, I see. I love you.