Saturday, December 27, 2008

The scoop

Ok, here's a quick rundown on the events of recent days:

I started having bad abdominal pain about 10 pm Christmas Eve which was accompanied by shortness of breath. I thought it was anxiety so i took half a xanax and continued with my business. Went to bed ASAP but was unable to sleep 'cuz things hurt. Badly.

At 4:30 am i decided that it would be foolish to tough out several hours hoping for an unspoiled holiday morning withe girls as i was pretty certain i'd soon be unable to do much more than whine and whimper. I awoke Rob to drive me to the ER. A quick workup revealed a gallbladder attack .... So woooosh, off to the hospital to have it yanked. A second procedure (general anesthesia twice in one day.....erg) was requird to remove the stones that were lodged in ducts outside the gallbladder and that was a living hell of a procedure (called ERCP, i'll explain another time).

So that was yesterday. I really thought i d be going home today but i'm actually still having some kind of problem with
my tummy. We just changed antibiotics and pain meds so perhaps there's a chance i'll get to leave.

Thanks for the encouragement and good cheer. Rob's only living paternal relation passed away on Christmas day (as did his father
about 15 years ago....) and his mom's dog is mysteriously and severely ill. This is not turning out to be the holiday we'd hoped for....


KSM said...

Auntie I love you, and I hope everyone is doing better, you most of all. Take care of my auntie, I don't have an infinite supply.

Lyman said...

Our thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery and a quick turn of fortunes. Mike R. and I both came down to breakfast this morning wearing our new t-shirts, hopefully that makes you smile a bit. Love you!

KHM said...

I'm so glad you are diggn' the shirts. They're badass; just like you!

No worries about your inventory of aunties, Kells.
Its not being depleted!

Special K said...

Oh, you poor thing - in the hospital right through Christmas? What a bummer. Hope you're back on your feet again soon... luv, k

Rachael said...

Sorry to hear you've not been your best! Speedy recovery.

I'm sure KSM had told you about my hot pursuit of yarn. I'm looking for Lion Brand Watercolors. I'm hearing it is one color but the shade is a variegated of sorts. Apparently, its dark and gradually turns to light. For example, black to gray to white or something similar without the repetition of the colors. Any advice? Is this the yarn that does that?

Aie aie aie.