Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Beat Goes On....

Hey! Where did she go?

Well, remember back when I spent Christmas and then some in the hospital? And I left my gallbladder with them as a measure of my good confidence in their healing powers? HA! Twixt now and then I've spent untold hours over 2 visits in the ER and 4 days in hospital as Doctor 1 and Doctor 2 proceeded to scratch their heads and accomplish little else. Finally, on Day 4 an endoscopy revealed an alimentary track riddled with lesions..."oh, Ms. Hurt-Mullen! So THAT'S why your having so much discomfort! Wow! Sorry about that. grumblegrumblegrmbgrmbgrrrmmmb.

So now I am home with 8 weeks worth of meds that will hopefully allow the ulcers to heal. It ain't no damn fun. Plus after all this unwellness plus hospital time, I have a serious sleep deficit going on. Cross your fingers that things perk up soon.

To kick off the New Year, I'm plunging into a new venture. Called "A Sparkle in Time", I've an shop where I hope to sell some hand-made jewelry, mostly watches. I have very little merchandise up just now (there is SO much to do getting this rolling) but I add things every day. Feel free to check it out at


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I was puny over the weekend and didn't get you called. I had no idea of the continuing saga of your health. What are these lesions from? Hopefully 2009 will be much better for you healthwise. Have you started working some yet at your old job? I vaguely remember a mention that might happen. Good health to you and yours. LYFE Milo's Nonna

Special K said...

Oh, too bad you gave the hospital your gallbladder! You could have gotten good money for that on the black market. ha.

Hey! Nifty Etsy shop! I *love* my watch!