Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dreams of the Gadget Girl

Dear Mr. Apple:

I know you've been very busy as you and your elves prepare for your big day tomorrow, the kickoff of your World Wide Developers' Conference, 2009. I know, too, that you've been keeping a list of all the good little boys and girls and the desires of their hearts. I hope that my sister has improved her behavior enough to finally land on the good list; its always so awkward when her husband and son find their stockings stuffed with cool new toys and she's left with nothing but iPod knock offs and crappy earphones. I know she's been trying hard. It doesn't come very easily for her.

Even though I always try my best to be a good gadget girl, I know that there's always a possibility that I might not end up on the good girls list or that I might not receive my list of techie development from the sunny silicon valley. I surely don't take this for granted. But just in case I am in line for the deluxe package of new releases from Steve Jobs and your Apple boys, I've been thinking just a little bit about what would make me squeal with delight tomorrow monrning. I've come up with this:

1. I know, I know, I know this is asking for too much but ask I shall just in case... I really want an iPhone with enough memory for my complete digital music collection. Please--120 gB would be SWEET. Or not even sell them loaded with so much space; make a clever marketing decision and keep prices lower by simply allowing users to slam in our own mini-SD cards. Seriously---this is a very dear dream of mine. Such an iPhone would allow me to leave home without ever thinking I might need the heavy duty 'pod. Not that I'd need fewer pod like devices; oh no. Perish the thought.
2. On the iPhone firmware tip, I've been told that we're all going to see landscape keyboards for SMS and email application. I hope so!!!
3. Flash! I really need Flash for my web browsing. Let it be!
4. Oh, just the thought of stereo bluetooth makes my heart go pitty-pat. It would be so excellent to just jump in my car and have the iPod app connect to my stereo for tunage just as seamlessly as the phone does already... let's not even mention how cool it would be to not futz with headphone wires...
5. Apps running in the background? I know you've just been keeping this one up your sleeve for an easy delivery---Apple is the master of multi-tasking. Rascals.
6. I hear you're going to show us all a new iPhone device---i can't even imagine what there could be to offer except perhaps the storage expansion I've already wished for. But I have to tell you...nearly anything you could think of and produce I'd *totally* have to buy within the first quarter. Because that's the kind of gadget girl I am...

I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I know its going to be a long wait for things to get rolling with your 9AM PST start time, me here on the east coast. But I've blocked out three hours to immerse myself in online coverage...I hope you'll find I've been a good girl and that my requests are perfectly reasonable! My husband asked me if I had already selected my pocket protector for tomorrow. Silly boy---I never use anything but electronic input pens in my pockets. Shaaa...


Lyman said...

If you had a Blackberry Storm #2, #4, and #5 wouldn't be a concern for ya' ;)

KHM said...

No; a gadget girl is a gadget girl. I would something bigger, better, badder, faster all the time.

I've done the blackberry thing for a veeeeeerrrry long time. I think the competition has been putting some heat on Apple lately (and that's a good thing) but they still have the market edge; they simply get the human factors right, faster and better than anyone else.

But I'm glad you like your Storm :) I spent part of Saturday flying one that belongs to a friend while he played with my iPhone. Its nice, its just not better.