Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucky Me

Today made up for the horror of the preceding two or three days; today was our "end of season" party for the soccer team except that it marks a breaking apart of the team as several players take new directions and the Coach follows his daughter on her new path. But it was a beautiful day in a beautiful park with great food, great kids having fun, great people to hang out with...our soccer days are always so busy, these parties are often the only time we may all hang out for more than a minute or two without other distractions. Lovely, suburban bliss. The American dream come true...rare opportunities to tell people the important roles they've played in our lives without being awkward.

Now I have a quiet-ish house, soft new jammies and quiet. And stillness. Until tomorrow when we all get to sit uncomfortably for a couple of hours at Haley's "Fifth Grade Promotion" ceremony. And then my friends, just a few short hours until its officially summer vacation; can't wait.

Appley Goodness
Well, last week I was giddy with excitement for the announcements of the Apple WWDC 2009; indeed good things are a-comin' our way. June 17, Wednesday I think, brings us iPhone 3.0 firmware with loads of long anticipated features, many of which were on my wish list. And although the storage is still coming in shy of my ideal at a mere 32 gB, the new iPhone model brings a host of hardware improvements too compelling to pass by. So as fate would have it, when the new devices hit the shelves on Friday the 19th, yes the day before my birthday (make a note!), I should have my own personal unit delivered to my doorstep. Thank you Steve Jobs, thank you dearest husband.

Sigh. Contentment.

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