Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yo, peeps! This week has flown by. Invincible genius that I am, I chose to manipulate my migraine prevention meds a bit over the last month---ended up with a KILLER migraine and no abortive meds... my good doctor thought the only way to break it would be to force sleep and lo, it was done. Two and a half days of nearly continuous sleep and the headache is gone. Of course, so are any plans I might have had for the week... can you believe there are only 3 weeks between now and Christmas? Wowzers.


New disc this week; Curt Berg and the Avon Street Quintet...20% of which is a certain Mr. Lyman Medeiros. I REALLY like it---great songs that swing, terrific saxophone and trombone foils throughout. I find I'm as crazy for trombones these days as I was for alto sax as a young person---what an amazing sound they make! Sexy. Trombone is a really challenging instrument, IMO, and Mr. Berg knows how to play one for sure. Lyman is fantastic, his solos are crisply melodic and plentiful; I love Andy Langham's piano work, too. Every other player here is quite up to the task; its a great disc for jazz fans. I love especially Midwick Man, Search Until You Find It and Double Down. I'd love to know how Lyman got hooked up with Berg... more on him here.

Guess what no one needs right before the holidays? A big auto repair bill AND an urgent need to replace one's mattress...ask me how I know. Go ahead.

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