Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anna is 10!

I didn't get to attend Carrie and Lyman's wedding 10 years ago this past week because I was juuuuussssttt about to have Anna. Born she was and we were expecting to catch up on all the Indianapolis/Martinsville scoop when my Mom and Dad were SUPPOSED to come meet Anna.EXCEPT: my Mom chose to have a heart attack instead. So after a day in the hospital, a day of partying with the wedding people, she went home.
Quite the series of events for this family to remember at this time of year, isn't it?

Anna has a hard time gathering enough people for a party...following about 2 weeks after school lets out here, invariably half of the people she'd like to invite are off on adventures of their own. We managed to squeak in a few girls (seriously: one girl left the following morning for six weeks in Russia) for a pool and slumber party. I made adorable pool totes filled with dollar store gems like surprisingly cute sunglasses, body lotion, leis, goggles. And bubbles, candy, natch. (Edit: add photo of bags)

Simple T-Corner Tote, Reversible
(no pattern)

We made our own pizza this year and I gotta tell ya: it was easily every bit as good as most of what gets delivered around here and the girls had a blast putting them together. It cost about half as much as delivery; nice.

Pictures later but for now, just this: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA! Mom: take care of your heart. Myocardial infarction at 58 is no joke.

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