Friday, July 16, 2010

Another verse, different from the first

Tomorrow the girls and I are taking off for a visit of undetermined length at my units' house. We do this trip often enough---we typically think of everything we might need or want, shove it in the back of the minivan and get things rolling.

My Mommy-mobile is getting old: 10 years. It has 100K+ miles and for the last 40K there has been this undiagnose-able rumble coming from the rear axle...not only makes for a loud passenger cabin but it worries me a little. This year, we drive the Eurosedan that is wholly Rob's--- a gift from his mother and myself for not actually dying when we thought he was going to a couple of years ago. He likes being alive (and we like it, too) and he really likes his car. Its a very gracious loan: I know he does not want to drive the minivan for whatever portion of the time he's here (he's joining us at some point).

Problem: not nearly as much storage or cabin space. I think its likely that the US military has engaged in conflicts with lesser logistical staging than this trip has required. Clothing, entertainment and food all organized by the time at which they'll be needed and the space the packing containers will occupy. You know what's a really big deal? Auto manufacturers have yet to develop a cabin space for a lady-driver's handbag. In the minivan, there's this nice little floor space between the front Captain seats---in the sedan: nada. I suppose my bag will sit behind my left foot or something.

You know what else is a really big deal? Food and diabetes supplies for the kid with not one, not two, but three metabolic diseases. Good lord: I've done the best I can:

  1. Gluten free snacks, portioned and labeled
  2. "Emergency" sandwich for L in case we have a harder time finding lunch or dinner fare than I think we will.
  3. Box of cereal for breakfast on Drive Day 2 and also to guard against the need to find gluten free meals as soon as I arrive in Tampa. I know its overwhelming to contemplate preparing to feed her--I'm sure my Mom will need some guidance once we arrive.
  4. A loaf of gluten free bread in case we have to resort to supermarket excursions for additional sandwich fixin's. Did you all know that its a bit of a challenge to find a grilled chicken breast fillet in a fast-food outlet that isn't plumped and juicy with sugary solutions that include gluten? True. But Chick-Fil-A---they have the goods. And they even fry their waffle fries in separate fryers than their breaded chicken so folks with wheat issues can still have some fries.
So. If there's no room in the car, really, for my purse; if our trunk is quite full of suitcases (as minimalistic as we could be) plus the few amusements I've allowed the girls to bring along, if I'm already taking up a chunk of the cabin space with twice as many diabetes supplies as I think I'll need (that's what the rule of thumb is...), if I've prepared for most food contingencies---where do the kids sit?

With about 10 hours left till we roll, we each have a bag of our own with amusements and some of the snacks for both the drive and hotel stay, a community bag with jammies and changes of key clothing for day 2 as well as a shared cache of personal care items. That should get us in and out of the hotel with one tote each plus two shared bags; the rest will sit quietly in the trunk and stay out of trouble. Strike Force Mullen. Ninjas. Commandos. Here and gone before you know what has happened...I hope its that smooth.

I have greater aspirations for this Tampa trip than I do typically. Stay tuned for updates. In the next post I intend to discuss how I came to my final decision as to whether I should bring my own tequila and/or scotch or plan to drink my Dad's. Riveting stuff. Be sure to tune back in.

By the way, I made my own play lists this time. You guys gave me nada last time. Thanks.

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