Monday, July 17, 2006

Knitting in Bed

Anna's watermelon sweater is showing definite signs of near-completion: front and back both finished, the first sleeve over half done. I couldn't make up my mind about sleeve pattern so as it stands right now I'm going for the 3/4 length. I'm going to make two different ones: the one you see part of (green and peach with small tweed accents at cuff and break). The second is going to be largely the tweed with three or so stripes of peach and green at the upper arm. I'm hoping I'll like having mis-matched sleeves for this playful sweater, otherwise I'll pick which one I like best and make one more, use the other one for something for another little girl.

The colors are photographing very hot, not sure why. To be sure, they're quite vivid but not quite this much.

I'm *really* unhappy with the marks left in the fabric by the mid-row increases. They're a good reason to make a third sleeve since I'm not about to frog this one at this point. I guess I'll get lots of practice with the M1R technique since kfkb doesn't seem to work so well in this cotton.

My Foot
is doing pretty well. Woke up ouchy this morning but finally got the pain under control after some ice and meds. I have a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow and am looking forward to being casted so I don't feel so vulnerable. Also looking forward to being released to get it wet because bathing is something of a circus with a foot that can neither bear weight or be wet...

I am so bummed that the first season of "Weeds" was only 12 episodes. It may not be the real world but its probably closer to reality than most of us would allow ourselves to believe. And its just funny. "Grey's Anatomy" is growing on me as well---just in time to find out Season 1 was only 8 episodes... I think most of the characters are caricatures and had hoped to see some intent to do something with that or to develop them in to real characters but so far, no. So now I guess I'll re-watch some Larry David or Arrested Development. I need something while I knit up the last of Anna's sweater.


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