Monday, July 3, 2006

Latte in my Lap: Monday at work

"A Common Disaster" -- The Cowboy Junkies (Lay it Down, 1993)

Today is July 3----the bright ones among you will recognize the date immediately as that one preceding our nation's Independence Day---this year the third is cleverly placed to foil my plans for a long weekend... so on this Monday, this day which should be spent lovingly rubbing spices into racks of ribs and soaking mesquite chips and perhaps hanging at the pool---this day, I'm "in charge" of our Emergency Preparedness and Response program. Which means, of course, that there has been yet another emergency shelter activation and most of our County's telecomm and IT resources are down. Just because things weren't sucking enough.

So to soothe the savage beast, I ducked into Starbuck's for some help: a triple grande skim three-splenda latte. That will help. Right up until it spilled all over my lap. And as today is no kind of day to be late to the office, I just had to come to work with coffee all over me. Rob very gallantly arose from his day-off slumbers to bring me dry things; good thing I have a spare organizational golf shirt stashed in the office since I should be in "uniform" today...

A Common Disaster
A while ago I made a remark about Paula Cole penning a lyric about tatoos that I love. Except it was the Cowboy Junkies (I have a hard time distinguishing the two, I admit). I *LOVE* this lyric:

Candle burning for everything I ever wanted
Tattoo burned for everything I ever wanted (and lost)
I had a long list of names that I kept in my back pocket
But I cut it down to one and your name's at the top.
Won't you share a common disaster?...
...Gonna find me someone to share a common disaster
Run away with me from a life so cramped and dull
Not worry too much about the happily-ever-after
Just keep the Caddy moving
'til we're well beyond that hill
Won't you share a common disaster?
Share with me a common disaster
A common disaster

So yep; its pretty dark but I love how there's hope and desire against this backdrop of fatalism. Just for context, I put this music in a category of "single girl music" (much like Sarah McLachlan)--- its clearly something I fell in love with before Rob came on the scene...

So latte in my lap made me think of common disaster and here we are...


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures and the common disaster saga of your life as the emergency in charge person. At least you didn't roll your mini van trying to save the latte, haha. Loved the hula kane birthday gift. Where did you find it? Hope your 4th was wonderful. LYFE Donna

Kathy said...

Hula kane is named Kimo. I found him online and I suspected you'd be interested. I'm sure there's one in your future. Unless you da kine fo' da wahine...

Geev' um!