Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Later, that same day...

Vases by K4Kuatro (pewter/laminated glass). Rob found these at an art show last weekend. They're wonderful and perfect for our living room. How lucky was I to find these beautiful gerbera daisies to initiate them?

One more photo for perspective....

Recent Knitting
Lindsay's sock in Opal Alcapulco; going very well. Knit on US1 dpn's (that's a diameter of 2.5 mm, a bit larger than a toothpick, but not by much...). Don't they look fun? I've decided I'll have to make mittens as well.

Mystery Hat #3. I love this one. I may not be a mystery much longer: I may claim it as my own. Especially as I've ordered 6 more skeins of Manos del Uruguay as I love the wool so much.

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