Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I'm Walking -- Cyrus Chestnut (Genuine Chestnut, 2006)
Rob's surgery went rather well yesterday. The surgeon was a bit surprised by the arthritic changes in Rob's back at such a young age---we have years of football helmets in the back to thank for that. But he did well and was able to come home which was what he was most concerned with. After January's experience he did NOT want to stay if he didn't have to. So he's snoozing off the narcotics upstairs and we're all happy. Because of the scarring in his neck he had to be intubated while conscious and through his nose, to boot. The anesthesiologist was kind and gave him some anamnestic so he has no recollection of it.

We're all settling in for the holiday. I have some things to prepare today: cheeseball, sweet potato casserole and something that escapes me just now; maybe I'll do my turkey stock today. A few things tomorrow. Pick up flowers. It should be a nice holiday, quiet and poignant.

I have a lot of crafty things for the kids. Beginning tonight, we'll decorate "placemats" (poster board) for each dinner guest with all kinds of things including comments about the nature of our thankfulness for that person. Our favorite neighbors are joining us for that, too. We'll also begin a super-secret family project tomorrow or Friday.

Because yesterday was blessedly more brief than I'd thought it would be, I got less knitting done. I'm about halfway finished with Mystery Hat #3. It is even more beautiful than #2 and I think I will need to have one just like it for myself. The wool colors are SO amazing.

When we arrived home, I was greeted by part of my UK wool order for Opal sock yarn, the self-patterning stuff. I measured the girls' feet and we're off: I'm about half way finished with the leg part of Lindsay's first sock. Pictures later.

I've also begun to teach Anna to knit. She's very happy about it and she actually seems to have a very natural sense of hand position, etc. Its much less stressful than my first experiences with Haley.

My little family has so much to be thanful for this year. I wish all of you the happiest of days with lots of affection, football and great food.

About the song
Chestnut is a Baltimore boy; he plays a lot of local dates and he's pretty popular around here. He also played on Christian McBride's first recording as a leader (Gettin' to It, 1995). I love this song, but I think it should be called I'm Dancing because that's what it makes me want to do.


Donna said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. I'll try to call tomorrow sometime since you're going to be around. We'll all be at Eric's for the feast. Hope you have a peaceful mellow easy Thanksgiving. To you all - LYFE

Melissa said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well yesterday!!! We were thinking about you all! Thanks for your baby stuff offer, we will definately take you up on it!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!