Wednesday, April 4, 2007

mos def...

We are proud owners of a new HDTV ! Oh my. Forty-two inches of jaw-dropping, absolutely crisp and beautiful picture. We are agog with it!

I could live without TV, really. I did for much of my young adulthood. Twelve years ago, when Rob was settling in our first apartment in Baltimore, he bought a 27 inch television which I thought was just insane. TV clearly plays a larger role in his life so several years ago when I was employed by a company that gave (sometimes exceptional) cash bonuses, I purchased a 36-inch Sony WEGA for the boy. I mean, he never really asks for anything and he is so generous and thoughtful with me. The Sony is lovely, really. Has a great flat screen viewable from the most oblique angles in our family room. At the time of purchase it was a truly enviable piece of home entertainment.

Fast forward to 2007 and the television market is just burgeoning with great technology and competitive pricing, HD standards coming on line quickly for all with the 12-year old 27-inch television dying in service as our "second" tv... ummm, I got really really really excited about this new purchase. So it is, my friends, that I now have a 42 inch high definition television in my bedroom. I can see the picture fairly well reclined in bed without glasses...drifting off to sleep watching a movie is a favorite indulgence of mine and awfully challenging while wearing glasses. Amazingly enough, this plasma set cost only a couple hundred bucks more than the WEGA model. And its so much easier to move than the one it replaced---not to mention the hulk of the WEGA which weighs something like 300 pounds (not kidding) and is really, really, really big.

In anticipation of this purchase, the girls and I have bought several new movies for a girls' day tomorrow: we'll begin with breakfast out and a trip to our brand, spanking new library then return home for a movie marathon. We have these titles to look forward to : Happy Feet, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Gremlins and Ghostbusters. I can't wait to see how the kids like the last two movies. I think Haley especially will really enjoy them.

I love being home with the kids.


Special K said...

Hey! We just bought a big screen too! M. really wanted one, even though, (I hate to say it) I'm the big tv watcher in the family. But I think watching 42 inches of Tyra last night made him doubt his purchase.

I love that you put your in the bedroom and also invited your girls in to watch fun movies. My parents never really let us hang out in their room. In the alternative reality where I have a kid, we spend all Sunday morning laying around reading the paper.

Kathy said...

We were given very limited access to our folks' bedroom as children as well but me and Rob actually really love having the girls hang out with us in ours. We're all about the chill here; lazy Sundays for sure... The only real exception is that we mostly don't want them in our room unless we're with them; its a personal space after all.

since Rob is Mr. SportsTV having the mondo TV in the budoir allows either of us to watch the tube in style seperately as is often the case...sad; true.

I gotta say I love this television! Hope you enjoy yours---so much excitement in your household these days!

Donna said...

I was lucky, anyone and everyone was allowed to wallow around with our parents in the bedroom. Mom loved to be reclined and to have those she loved reclined with her. I'm happy for you and Rob and the wonderful relaxation in store for you ahead. Have a good weekend.

Drew said...

We love our 42" WEGA, which we have only had for a short time, but it is already the "old school" version.

What did the girls think of Gremlins and Ghostbuster (two of my favorite movies when I was younger).

Kathy said...

Donna, some of my fondest family memories were of the lazy Sunday variety at your Mom's house. I'm definitely that same kind of Mom and Auntie...let's just hang out and be comfy!

Drew, the girls LOVED Gremlins. I really enjoyed it, too; had only seen it once when it was released. Gizmo sure wins hearts.. The humor of Ghostbusters was pretty much over the girls' heads so it didn't get a lot of appreciation. I loved seeing how young Murray, Akroyd and others were... On the other hand, Happy Feet is so charming---a great surprise. Those penguins are adorable!

Donna said...

You forgot the other G movie which is my favorite. GOONIES. The girls will love it for sure. Have a Happy Easter. LYFE

Drew said...

"Sloth love Chunk." "Chester Copperpot. Don't you see, he was a professional and he didn't make it this far." "Andy, you Goooonnniiiieeee." "You're One-eyed Willie, aren't you?"

Great suggestion Donna; one of my favs as well.