Monday, April 2, 2007

A Whole New World...

This morning the girls were watching Aladdin. I really like the schmaltzy theme sung by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle as the credits roll. It made me think of my whole new world:

When my parents made their first visit to our home, I had a handful of household repair tasks I needed assistance with. See, I love Rob. He's an indoor husband, though, not an outdoor husband. Rob is not permitted to have tools of any kind. He would just damage something and then lose them. Anyway, at that time Dad asked me where Rob keeps his tool box. I laughed. A lot. The toolbox in this house is MINE, and I've always had a fairly well stocked one. After all, my Dad's first career was as a jet mechanic, I've seen some repair action in my life.

After twelve years of living together (exactly, really; we moved in together April 1, 1995), my toolbox is totally a mess from his fumbling around in it. Things are missing, stuff is everywhere, its largely a useless and very heavy box.

Yesterday I went to Target to pick up some things, including Easter goodies. About half of the 100,000 people who live in this part of the County were like minded. So it was that I diverted and purchased new tools, new tool bag. Today the fairy brought me two DIY books---one more of a maintenance text, the other a pure fix-what's-broke book.

I've got lots to do. The exterior trim needs to be scraped and painted, screens need to be replaced, blinds need to be replaced, shutters need to be hung and I have a sincere mildew, and perhaps even rot, problem with the pillars on our front stoop. There are a zillion nail pops, and dry wall holes to be patched (just wait till your kids hit the careless door-flinging stage). I'd also really really like to strip and refinish our hardwood floors. And our deck needs some serious refurbishing.

And I asked for a good cordless drill for Mother's Day. Any recommendations on what I should get?

Spring Break

I have lots of company in the house this week and that's very nice. I haven't yet decided what we'll do beyond the seasonal wardrobe shifting and some crafty projects.

Haley was the lucky winner of a door prize at a recent school function: yesterday her teacher took her and a friend of her choosing out to a movie and lunch. This is surely the most comitted teacher I've ever met. She and I have worked out an incentive plan for Haley (she has a tendency to slack off...) and about 1/3 of the rewards involve the teacher spending time with Haley outside school hours.

Guilty as charged...

Ok, Ok. Everyone has one (or several) guilty pleasures. I am prepared to take anything you hurl at me. I adore Elliott Yamin from last season's American Idol. I don't know how the hell anyone OTHER than him won. He can sing, he's a true musician and he's just a great kid. So. I saw he released an album. I bought it. The Amazon Fairy should deliver it tomorrow. Until then, here's his rendition of Moody's Mood for Love. I'm telling you guys---this is not an easy song to sing and he nails it. Sigh.

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